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Original Lotus Pattern Zirconia Earrings

Original Lotus Pattern Zirconia Earrings

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The design inspiration comes from the lotus pattern in Chinese Dunhuang murals. The core of the necklace is the center of the lotus flower, with a structure extending from the inside to the outside, forming a symmetrical multilateral structure that looks clearly layered.


  • Material: 925 silver
  • Enamel technology
  • Electroplated gold
  • Original design


  • Styling Elements

Lotus motif in Chinese Dunhuang Zaijing(A ceiling pattern), combined with existing geometric elements in the design

  • Manual inlay process

Multi-color zirconia inlaid sparkling, multi-layer plating process, not easy to oxidation fading

  • Whole body 925 silver

Fine polish, long-lasting brightness, small details in all aspects. Wearing comfort and skin-friendly non-allergic

  • Enamel Craft

Enameling is the soul of Ineffabe's art. The addition of enamel gives life to the product and turns the jewelry into a bond of emotion

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