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Original Enamel Zirconia Ring

Original Enamel Zirconia Ring

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Inspired by the colors of the landscape, the designer has used S925 silver with gold plating, exuberant enamel, and shimmering white zirconia. The elegance and sensuality of the beauty are complemented by the design.


  • Material: 925 silver
  • Enamel technology
  • Electroplated gold
  • Original design
  • Size: 7#  (2.17 in)


  • Styling Elements 
          Blue mountains and water layers of gradual coloring combined with jewelry
  • Manual inlay process

          Elegant enamel combined with delicate white zirconia. Multi-layer plating process, not easy to oxidation fading

  • Whole body 925 silver

          Fine polish, long-lasting brightness, small details in all aspects. Wearing comfort and skin-friendly non-allergic

  • Enamel Craft

          Enameling is the soul of Ineffabe's art. The addition of enamel gives life to the product and turns the jewelry into a bond of emotion

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