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925 Silver Original Design Fan shaped Necklace

925 Silver Original Design Fan shaped Necklace

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The Chinese fans,combining with a long history,exquisite technique,different features,elegant taste,represents chinese tradition.The inspiration of this fan shaped necklace comes from it,and designer has used S925 silver with gold plating, exuberant enamel, and shimmering white zircons and malachite. The elegance and sensuality of the beauty are complemented by the design.


  • Material: 925 silver,white zircons and malachite
  • Enamel technology
  • Electroplated gold: 14K 
  • Original design
  • Weight: 1.8g


  • Styling Elements                                                                                             Creating a unique Dunhuang-themed collection, the thousand-year-old Dunhuang scrolls unfold, creating a unique brand charm of the new national trend jewelry 
  • Manual inlay process
    Multi-color zirconia inlaid sparkling, multi-layer plating process, not easy to oxidation fading
  • Whole body 925 silver
    Fine polish, long-lasting brightness, small details in all aspects 
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