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Body Color


Is Bulbs Included:Yes
Power Source:DC
Is Dimmable:Yes
Body Material:Aluminum, Copper, Ironware + Acrylic
Switch Type:Remote Control
Light Source:LED Bulbs
Warranty:2 years
Lamp color::sand white/sand black/coffee gold
Size::80cm *24cm *30cm
Power::40W and 20w


Design inspiration, heart-warming creativity

If there is a famous chapter symphony underwater , it must be the world’s largest mammal- whale, whose songs have beautiful melody. The singing heals all unhappiness here, everyone becomes a child

Two styles

Material analysis

1. Iron ceiling plate
2. Wooden fan blades
3. Acrylic lampshade

Tricolor light

The light is bright and controlled, and the light color can be adjusted according to different scenes
NO.1 from bright to dark/free light control (brightness 0%-brightness 100%)
NO.2 three-level color temperature/adjustable (white light-neutral light-warm light)

Six-speed speed regulation

Six speeds to satisfy your beautiful pursuit, and accompany you to fall asleep quietly

First gear gentle wind
Second gear comfortable wind
Third gear refreshing wind
4th gear cool wind
Five-speed cool wind
Sixth gear strong wind

Shutdown timer

The baby sleeps all night, Bao's mother is at ease
1. Pre-set (1h/2h/4h/8h/)
2. Scheduled shutdown
3. Easy to operate
4. Set as you wish

Pure copper motor, five-year warranty

Strict quality control, using copper silicon steel motor, silent rotation


Size: 80cm*24cm*30cm
Material: wood + iron + diffuser
Painting process: electrostatic painting
Motor function: variable frequency motor
Color: blue, yellow, pink

1. Acrylic lampshade
Warm light feeling, acrylic lampshade material, smooth lines and personality, creating a comfortable light feeling, protection of eyes; comfortable lighting

2. Wood material
Not easy to deform, easy to clean, high-density plywood, no fading

3. Painted lamp body
Selected high-quality hardware materials, baked paint craftsmanship, anti-corrosion and anti-rust, long-term use

4. Built-in motor (silent work)
Built-in frequency conversion motor, frequency conversion type 6 speed regulation, natural wind comfortable, low noise

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