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925 Silver Original Design PIPA Shaped Necklace

925 Silver Original Design PIPA Shaped Necklace

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The design inspiration comes from the lotus pattern in Chinese Dunhuang murals. The PIPA appeared in the Qin Dynasty and was developed during the Han Dynasty. It became a favorite in the Tang Dynasty .It's one of the most popular Chinese instruments and has been played for nearly two thousand years in China.


  • Material: 925 silver
  • Enamel technology
  • Electroplated gold
  • Original design
  • Weight: 2g


  • Styling Elements                                                                                             Creating a unique Dunhuang-themed collection, the thousand-year-old Dunhuang scrolls unfold, creating a unique brand charm of the new national trend jewelry 
  • Manual inlay process
    Multi-color zirconia inlaid sparkling, multi-layer plating process, not easy to oxidation fading
  • Whole body 925 silver
    Fine polish, long-lasting brightness, small details in all aspects 
  • Enamel Craft                                                                                                    Enameling is the soul of Ineffabe's art. The addition of enamel gives life to the product and turns the jewelry into a bond of emotion.
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