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Silver Necklace with One Big Pearl and Three Small Charms

Silver Necklace with One Big Pearl and Three Small Charms

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Silver Necklace with One Big Pearl and Three Small Charms 

Occasion: Very suitable for  evening parties, parties, graduation ceremonies, homecoming, nights, weddings, dance parties, dates, clubs, bars, etc.

100% 925 Silver Moissanite Pearl Pendant
Moissanite Diamond: 0.67 carat (Including 18pcs*1.5MM+2pcs*3MM+ 1pc*4MM)

Cultured Pearl:8MM

VVS1 D Color Moissanite Diamond
Approx. 5.7g

Pass Diamand Testing
Gift Packaing Box

Support: Customize


Moissanite shines brighter than a diamond or any other gemstones and you'll never get tired of seeing the sparkle from all angle! Moissanite is tougher and will not chip as easily or lose brilliance as fast thus making it a good choice for buyers looking for excellent jewelry at reasonable price.

Since ancient times, pearls have been precious.
Pearls tend to be pale in color, shiny, and round.
The pearl meaning is centered around purity, balance, and inner wisdom. 
Pearls have long been a source of pure fascination. Silky and glistening with many shades, these precious gems seem to carry a one-of-a-kind energy. Often tagged as being gifts of grace and glamor, pearls also carry a luminous water energy and a sense of harmony as they are created in synergy with other living creatures (marine pearl oysters and freshwater mussels). After doing a deep dive into the divine delights of the pearl, there is so much to be celebrated about this moonlike orb of magic.

We make them to be a prefcet whole which cam bring good luck to you!!! 

Jewelry Maintenance:

1.Do not wear when washing

2.Do not wear when sweating

3.Do not wear when sleeping

4.Do not contact with chemicals

5.Put into box when not use

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